Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter in Mexico

So here we are escaping the cold and wet northwest winds and living the good life in San Miguel de Allende. We are renting a little house near the bustling town and spending our days sitting in the glorious sun listening to church bells, barking dogs, crowing roosters, fireworks, traffic. Eating spicy food, exploring the narrow cobblestone streets and high desert countryside. All of our senses assalted and awakened. What's next? Who knows, who cares? I am just beginning to feel the tingling of new creations and will be writing and painting them soon. So please keep checking in.


Jan Day said...

So, as you enter the second winter in Whidbey-land, how comes it for you? Are you still leaning into the urge to move back to the sun of California, or has the essence of Whidbey held allure enough to keep you present? My wonderings have a selfish muse...We are Pacific Grovians who have bought land near Earth Sanctuary. We are strongly aware of our sun indulgence here in the weather heaven of earth...and yet we are still feeling such pull to move forward, into something with stronger tree scent than concrete sidewalks. We have two years yet before transition...and we are watching our fears and desires intertwine and release. Many times I have tried on the "Well, let's just stay here where we are so cozy." And then a turning inside of disappointment....the one who wants the wild more deeply rises her voice...but, maybe a place a bit less grey? And we scan the zones along the ocean's edge for what might become the next community for us. We have even looked more inland near Ashland...but there is the dry and heat in summer. I wrestle and soar and plummet and quest. Where will the new rooting occur?

Sigrid Jardin said...

Glad to see you surfacing again, and love to see your shadow on those stone stairs. Enjoy soaking up all that sun - you deserve it! Will look forward to hearing more and seeing new paintings.